Membership Committee

Membership Committee

Grow membership through creating, enhancing and demonstrating the value of the Ramsey Chamber of Commerce to new and existing members and build increased awareness of the Chamber’s purpose in the community.

The Membership committee is composed of a Chair, an assistant chair and several representatives.

The Duties & Responsibilities of the Membership Committee include:

1. Attend 80% of all committee meetings.

2. Provide input/suggestions to expand/ improve services and add value to membership.

3. Provide input/suggestions on how to increase membership to further support Ramsey Chamber initiatives.

4. Work with Board of Directors, assisting with membership issues or initiatives.

5. When attending a local meeting, support and promote membership involvement.

6. Be able to answer questions regarding Ramsey Chamber’s mission, objectives and structure; Address questions and provide information regarding membership (e.g. questions relating to dues, membership categories, etc.).

7. Actively recruit new members and promote and encourage participation in Ramsey Chamber.

8. Follow up with any potential members you contact to address questions, provide additional information, and help facilitate their joining Ramsey Chamber.

9. Reach out to those who have not renewed their membership to determine why and encourage them to rejoin

10. Assess membership needs through instruments such as surveys and questionnaires or other methods suggested by the Board, and communicate the member’s needs to the Board 

Team Leader: Wendi Francis
Members: Helen Hodge, Sarina Mazza, Suzanne Jahn, January Bourke