About the Chamber


Ramsey sign and flags

Welcome to the Ramsey Chamber of Commerce. The original chamber originated back in 1925 and fizzled out in the 1980’s. In 2012, former Chamber President, Rob Tilton, had originally approached Mayor Muti about the idea of bringing the chamber back during his tenure, but it wasn’t until he spoke with Mayor Botta that things started to take off. In addition to Mayor Botta, as the idea of starting a chamber formed, Tilton also benefited from the support of the Ramsey Town Council. With the additional support of council members Vanessa Jachzel and Ken Tyburczy to the chamber, success of starting a chamber was inevitable.Starting a chamber from scratch, Tilton needed to come up with a logo, by-laws, membership, etc., which had been a tremendous task but a true labor of love. Before electing officers, Tilton had the good fortune of having January Bourke by his side to re-invigorate this chamber. She was just as much a reason as he was that has made this chamber successful. Reaching out to fellow business partners, they've adopted a real grass roots approach. They went door to door, phoned, emailed and used the Internet. The Chamber launched in July of 2012 with the first official month of existence and as of October 19th, 2012, have over 115 members.

Along with community involvement, the Chamber’s main focus is to drive business back to Ramsey. There are many wonderful businesses right here in our town. Our goal is to continue the success of these businesses by fostering referrals and making sure that everyone is aware of what products and services are right here in their own backyard. Why venture out to Route 17 or Route 4 in Paramus when you have all of these conveniences right in your own town ? There are over 1,025 businesses in town and our job is to help promote them driving commerce back to the community.The criteria of admittance to the Ramsey Chamber of Commerce is simple. You must meet one of these three options:#1: Have a brick & mortar location in Ramsey, New Jersey.#2: Run your business out of your home in Ramsey, New Jersey.#3: Do 50% or more of your business in Ramsey, New Jersey. If you meet one of these criteria, we would love to have you consider joining our chamber. Once you are approved as a member, there are a variety of ways to get involved. We are always looking for eager members to participate on one of our committees. Check out the Join now section of our website { www.ramseychamber.com } for a list of the committees that we have available. From Technology to Charities to Legal, there is a team for you and all that we ask is you bring your enthusiasm.Our goal is to build a chamber with a local flavor. We want to make a difference in Ramsey. We want to be the ones that if the community needs something, they will reach out to us.Thanks again for considering The Ramsey Chamber of Commerce.